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Restaurant Reservation Center For Groups

We provide your clients with personalized attention, saving you time and presenting a wide range of Restaurant solutions able to meet your specific needs.

Space Reservation

We know that each group event is special and needs a space tailored to its specific needs. We find the ideal space for your guests and for the occasion or celebration in question.

Key Events in the Hand

Organizing an event requires strategy, planning, and close attention to detail. We take care of all the details so that your event is a success in all aspects.


Nowadays, congresses and events in general require spaces with soul, but for most part these spaces don’t have the necessary audio, light and image equipment.

To Book Portugal offers you integrated solutions to make your event a success.


Your event can be even more lively, artistic or inspiring! We select the best artists and performers for corporate events, congresses and individuals.


Get to know Portugal from lés a lés through dream tours! We take care of the specifics of your group and organize the best activities, excursions, tours, transfers and guided tours.

Central Reservation

Group booking in Restaurants for travel agents, companies, official entities, universities, sports groups or any entity or person that needs to organize a group.

The service is all the managment of reservation process includeding the monitoring of the Event: Selecting the Restaurant, consulting availability and rates, payment and reservation procedure, evalution of the Event, and of the stakeholders satisfaction.

Contract Management

Gap identification and evalution, supplier selection process, Follow-up of the transition process, Performance Monitoring.

Audits / Consulting Food Quality

Food Quality Consulting, Nutrition and Dietetics Consulting, Audit to food quality systems, Audit to quality and operational procedures, Satisfaction, mysterious buyer, Market research.

General support for food quality, food safety system (HACCP), nutritional and dietetic support, environmental management of customer satisfaction.

Training (On-Site Training, On-Job Training)

No one will have any doubts at this time that employees are vital to any business. Vocational training is a very lucrative investment for any organization. In addition, employee training is a legal obligation, although it is not considered as such.

Satisfaction evaluation

Customer and user satisfaction evaluation services, carried out through surveys with statistical treatment. In addition, in this service, customer loyalty levels are evaluated.

Client Comment Ranking Service

The client comment ranking service provides a comprehensive treatment of the comments: by presenting the qualititative and quantitative results in the reference periods. Providing answer for each comment.